Board Of Directors

President -- Erika Crocco

Vice President -- Richard Ahrens

Secretary -- Aimee Greenspan

Treasurer -- Bob Kreutz

Delegate at Large -- Grace Soriano

Delegate at Large -- Lorraine Leierzapf

Delegate at Large -- Debbie Quinlan

Delegate at Large -- Elisa Tornow

Delegate at Large -- Glenn Wenzel

Student Liaison -- Gabriella Crocco

Student Liaison -- Alex Kreutz


To rent costumes from or make a donation to The West Milford Players, contact Erika Crocco, at


Mission Statement


The West Milford Players have been doing local, live theater since 1980. We are proud of all the work we do and are committed to bringing fun and entertaining shows to the West Milford area. We consist of a Board of 8 hard working, dedicated individuals who's goals are to educate and entertain people of all ages. In addition to bringing live theater to the area, with each show performed, we support a charity of our choosing where a portion of the proceeds will help those in need. We perform three (3) shows per season and have been nominated by the Perry's in various fields. We are proud of the work we do; not only on stage, but with all the charities we have helped over the years. Please support us and continue to keep us on stage for more years to come. Thank you.



In the News


West Milford Animal Shelter

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Alzheimer's Foundation

Eye See For You